How to help local seniors fight COVID-19 virus Scams

Elder Financial Abuse is growing faster than ever, with new scams popping up daily around the COVID-19 virus as our nation contends with this pandemic. Seniors citizens (especially those in senior housing facilities) are already being affected disproportionately in many ways. The banking community is reaching out to their local areas to see what they can do to help right now. One benefit to those quarantined in senior facilities is that individual access to the Senior Sentry training video is completely online. Banks can sponsor facilities near them, or anywhere in the U.S., so that everyone in that facility can have completely remote, online access to quality training on how to protect against elder financial exploitation. The Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation, in cooperation with the banking industry, has prepared a 30 minute educational and informative video that will give valuable information to combat this important problem. They’ll learn:

  • Types of financial abuse, common scams and schemes
  • How it occurs
  • Who are likely targets, and also likely abusers
  • Warning signs that a senior may be getting financially exploited
  • Tactics to help seniors avoid this type of fraud
  • And what to do if it does happen

 Reach out to contact the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation at 800-529-9096 or [email protected] to learn more.

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