Senior Crimestoppers Programs

Crime Prevention Benefits, Components and Services

Senior Crimestoppers programs reduce the incidence and severity of theft, abuse and neglect, while enhancing the quality of life in senior living environments, HUD communities and Veterans homes.

The program is a turn-key solution that empowers facility owners and management to partner with Senior Crimestoppers in proactively reducing crime in their communities.

  • Liability and litigation event reduction
  • Positive community/media exposure
  • Enhanced risk management and assistance with regulatory compliance
  • Potential for stabilized or reduced insurance premiums

How to Qualify

Any senior housing facility may participate in Senior Crimestoppers.

A facility that has 51% or more Medicaid certified residents or 51% or more low– to moderate–income residents may have all their programming sponsored by a local bank.

Any facilities without the previously mentioned qualifications or those waiting on bank sponsorship may pay directly for the Senior Crimestoppers program, and do not need to meet a Medicaid or low– to moderate–income quota.

Charter Presentations

More Than Just a Photo-op

More than just a Photo-Op!

The presentation of the facility’s Senior Crimestoppers charter plaque represents a mutual commitment between the Foundation, the sponsoring bank and the facility’s management—all on behalf of the residents, their families and your staff. Charter presentations are often observed by local press, community leaders, and law enforcement representatives to help extend this important commitment to the entire community.

Committing to Secure Living

Program Components

  • 24/7 toll-free Tip Line for anonymous crime/incident reporting with rewards up to $1,000
  • Personal in-room lockboxes installed for each resident
  • Crime awareness/zero tolerance signage prominently displayed
  • Ongoing in-service training for facility staff
Protecting Your Staff 

Program Components.png

Enhanced Quality of Life

Wish Comes True

wishes come true.

This program grants a lifelong or current wish for one or more residents at your facility, if sponsored by a bank in your community.

  • Travel expenses for a resident to visit a loved one or vice-versa
  • Construction of a wheelchair-accessible garden for residents to enjoy
  • Purchasing a new, motorized wheelchair for a young accident victim who had grown out of his old chair
  • Purchase of a video gaming system for the common area so the residents can keep their minds strong and their muscles moving
  • Plans for a field trip to an athletic or cultural event

Time of Your Life

This entertainment program provides senior housing facilities with an enjoyable event for residents, staff, family members and other invited guests. This video series evokes memories from the past and allows residents to relive some of the more prominent events from their heyday.

time of your life