Senior Crimestoppers

Memphis, TN, USA

(901) 529-4765

United States of America

Senior Crimestoppers:

Crime Prevention and Awareness
for Residents and Staff

Promoting secure senior living facilities in nursing homes, HUD communities, state Veterans homes, assisted living communities and independent living communities with an enhanced quality of life.

Senior Crimestoppers

A nationwide crime prevention program safeguarding senior housing residents (along with their family members and facility staff) against theft, abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and other crimes and actions. The program can be funded completely by the banking industry, for qualified facilities, through ICBA CRA Solutions programs.

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  • “Senior Crimestoppers has been nothing short of amazing. It has proven time and time again to be a great benefit for our residents, family members and even our staff.”

    – Jon Salter, Administrator, Louisiana War Veterans Home, Jackson, LA

  • “This program provides peace of mind and confidence for the residents, their family members, and our staff. It is comforting to know there are tools in place so everyone is protected.”

    – Ray Dickison, Executive Director, Christian Health Center, Louisville, KY

  • “Our residents’ safety has always been our top priority, and Senior Crimestoppers is a wonderful complement to our existing efforts. We appreciate this very effective program to prevent crime against the elderly in our community.”

    – Luther Terrace, Manager, Michaela Gray, Memphis, TN

  • “As crimes against the elderly continue to grow, we want to make sure our residents understand the risks that are out there, and Senior Crimestoppers has given us the tools to educate our residents and their family members.”

    – Nancy Brown, Project Manager, Norwich Apartments, Oskaloosa, IA