Elder Financial Abuse Prevention Education

Senior SentryTM advances our mission to protect and enhance the lives of senior citizens. This educational program is for facility staff, loved ones, and caregivers, featuring a dynamic, fact-filled video training material on how to recognize and prevent elder financial abuse.

Program Comparison
  • How does financial abuse occur?
  • Who are the abusers?
  • Various types of financial abuse and exploitation
  • Warning Signs
  • How to avoid financial abuse
  • Resources for victims

Benefits to Your Community

  • Protects residents against fraud
  • Keeps staff up to date on ever-changing landscape of financial scams
  • Enhanced risk management and regulatory compliance

“As technology evolves, it is difficult to keep up with how to stay safe from online predators and other types of fraud. We are filling the gap in training for those that have the closest contact with America’s elder population, housing facility staff members. Facilities administrators appreciate having a resource like this that adds a level of security to their residents.”

Terry Rooker
President, Senior Crimestoppers