Elder Abuse Protection & Awareness Program

Senior SecureTM protects and enhances the lives of senior citizens. This program is directed toward senior housing facility staff and residents and includes both educational and protective components:

Program Comparison


Our Senior Secure program is a prevention and education system that safeguards senior housing facility residents (along with their family members and facility staff) against theft, abuse, and financial exploitation. The program is funded by the community banking industry who receive federally mandated credit for their support. So, there is NO COST. The program is COMPLETELY FREE, in conjunction with your Healthcare Association.

We Provide

  • 24/7 toll-free Tip Line with rewards
  • Facility Signage
  • Online educational content on preventing elder financial abuse for use in training staff members
  • Ongoing training to ensure staff is equipped to operate program
  • Time of Your Life Enrichment Series

Benefits to Your Community

  • Liability and litigation event reduction
  • Enhances lives of both residents and staff
  • Improves risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Potential for stabilized or reduced insurance premiums

“Our seniors have contributed so much to our community during their lifetimes, and now we look after them. We are deeply appreciative of the Foundation’s programs for helping us in our efforts to protect our residents and keep them safe.”

Jim Piepenbrink
Administrator, Judson Care Center