Safeguarding Seniors

When an older person in a senior housing facility is the victim of abuse, neglect or theft, everyone suffers. Crime affects the residents, their family members, the facility, and the broader community.

Program Comparison

Senior Crimestoppers delivers crime-prevention services to our nation's senior housing facilities that improve and enhance residents’ overall quality of life.

Crimes and actions covered under our prevention program include abuse, neglect, theft, vandalism, substandard care and fraud, as well as unethical behavior of any type.* We operate in nursing homes, HUD communities, Veterans homes, as well as assisted living and independent living communities.

Enhancing Residents' Lives

Implementing this program does not imply that your facility has a crime problem. It proves that you are proactively finding ways to keep problems from occurring in the future by providing a safe, secure and comfortable living environment.

Protecting Your Staff 

*Other areas of ongoing concern include theft of possessions or property, identity theft, and offers of fraudulent magazine subscriptions, prize scams and solicitations for donations to bogus charities. We also advocate for improved surveillance and monitoring practices, in-room safes or lock-boxes, and better security for personal financial information.